In the morning, Mila and Novia went to college together. When they arrived, they met Teguh and Yoga in the parking lot.

Yoga                           : Hi, good morning..

Mila and Novia           : Morning!

Teguh                          : Mila, you usually gets the motorcyle to college, doesn’t you?

Mila                             : Yes, I do. But today I’m so lazy to drive. So, I come with novia.

Teguh                          : Oh, let’s go to class.

In class, they met Sopyan and Hayyu.

Sopyan                        : Hi guys..

Novia and Mila           : Hi..

Sopyan                        : We got a lot of homework.

Hayyu                         : Oh, I forgot it! I will do it now. You haven’t finished it, have you?

Sopyan                        : No, I haven’t. How about you, Novia? You have finished it, haven’t you?

Novia                          : Yes, I have.

Sopyan                        : May i see yours?

Novia                          : Of course.

Teguh                          : You are serious, aren’t  you?

Novia                          : Yes, I am. Take it.

Sopyan                        : Thank you, you are so nice.

Novia                          : You’re welcome.

Yoga                           : Mil, you and Novia know that the time of the exam has changed,                               don’t you?

Mila                             : Yes, we do. What if we learn together?

Yoga                           : That’s a good idea.

Hayyu                         : Anyway, we will go to Supermall Karawaci after class, don’t we?

Mila                             : Yes, We do. But you haven’t told your mom, have you?

Hayyu                         : No, I haven’t. I will tell her now. Novia will be join us, won’t she?

Mila                             : Yes, she will.

Hayyu                         : Alright!

  • Hayyu Annisa     4EA34
  • Mila Ziel Rukhama     4EA34
  • Novia Putri Utami     4EA34
  • Mohamad Sofyan     4EA34
  • Teguh Radiansyah    4EA34
  • Bonifasius Yoga P     4EA35

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