Direct & Indirect Speech EXERCISE


  1. “I want a sandwich”, Jennifer said.
    → Jennifer said that she wanted a sandwich.
  1. “I have already written that letter”, my friend said.
    → My friend said that he had already written that letter.
  1. Carla said to me, “I have to leave the office before 3:00 pm”
    → Carla said to me that she had to leave the office before 3:00 pm.
  1. “I am starting the day after tomorrow, mother”, he said.
    → He said to his mother that he was starting in two day’s time.
  1. Maria says, “I don’t like chocolate”
    → Maria says that she don’t like chocolate.
  1. “I am enjoying my new job” Sarah said.
    → Sarah said that she was enjoying her new job.
  1. Mark said, “I buy this book at that market”
    → Mark said that he bought the book at that market.
  1. Martin said, “I will going to Bandung tomorrow”
    → Martin said that he would be going to Bandung the next day.
  1. My friend told me, “I am planning to leave right away”
    → My friend told me that he was planning to leave right away.

  2. “Jack and Jill are going to get married”, she said.
    She said Jack and Jill was going to get married.



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